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Forsaken: A Shadow Shifters Prequel

The truth hurts, but secrets kill.

Ivy Wesley’s life is mundane at best, even for a wolf shifter. Her comfort zone is built around a routine lifestyle void of love. That all changes when her best friend sets her up on a blind date with Ethyn Gaunt, a powerful shifter whose presence commands the atmosphere in his favor. Ivy finds the passion between them irresistible, and it overlaps discarded dreams. She quickly falls for Ethyn and his primal magnetism. 

Ethyn didn’t expect to fall hard and fast for the sassy and witty woman he met on a blind date. Ivy is different from the norm and her exotic personality compliments his wild nature. As a loyalist to his pack, Ethyn obediently accepts a new order from his alpha. As he carries out the assignment, it becomes apparent that secrets exist, and they implicate Ivy and threaten her safety. 

Secrets have an expiration date, though. When the truth unravels, no one will be safe from the fallout. Alliances will be tested, and consequences will follow. Will Ethyn and Ivy’s newfound love survive?

Forsaken is the prequel to the Shadow Shifters Series. This is a steamy paranormal romance novella with sexual themes, strong violence, and is intended for readers over the age of 18. HEA guaranteed. 

Love Me Knot


Penny Wixx lives in the past, and her comfort zone has become her prison. Life on the sidelines has protected her heart, but the missed opportunities are starting to add up.


Ever since Liam Spade inserted himself into Penny’s life, she has felt tethered to the cocky, handsome man. After their one-night stand, Liam has not made light of his declarations. A future with Penny is the goal.


Now, they’re in Paris for a mutual friend’s wedding and surrounded by love. Liam’s romantic gestures become difficult to resist as the veil between Penny’s hopes and fears runs thin. Liam gives her every reason to believe that soul ties are possible, but her past is a fickle reminder that good things don’t come to everyone. Love is a risk, and she has always received a lousy hand in the past.


When the tension reaches its peak, which way will Penny fall? Will she finally let go of her familiar comfort zones in exchange for an uncharted future with Liam?


Love Me Knot is a steamy novella that continues Penny and Liam’s story. Read the beginning of their story in Forget me knot.


Shades of Love: A Limited Edition Boxset of Black, Multicultural, and Interracial Contemporary Romances (PRIDE Anthologies)


Are you ready to be swept off your feet by this collection of seductive and heartwarming stories?

Discover a range of sweet, steamy, and erotic settings featuring alpha men, small towns, secret babies, billionaires, doctors, best friends turned lovers, Black, multicultural, and interracial heroes, second chance romance, and much more.

Fall in love with all shades under the sun in this limited edition boxset of contemporary romances brought to you by USA Today and international bestsellers, as well as hot new authors!

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Forbidden Curves (Curves on Demand)


Desperate people are dangerous when their options are limited. Delani Harris learns this lesson the hard way when an impulsive decision leads her to become the object of Titan Stone's sinister games.

Now his captive, Delani, struggles with the building attraction she carries for Titan. She shouldn't feel this burning desire towards the man she's been trained to hate. Delani sees glimpses of the man beneath his hardened exterior despite his wicked grin and wayward intentions. It's only a matter of time before lines blur and alliances are redefined.

Delani and Titan become bonded by secrets and threatened by the truth. When the veil between the two wears thin, the situation culminates, forcing them to make sacrifices. Will their newfound love be enough to protect them from the repercussions?

Curves on Demand is a multi-author series of short sweet & steamy contemporary curvy romances.

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